The English Wife


I recently told a friend “I’m not really into thriller or mystery books”. Had I read The English Wife before that, I never would have said it.

This suspenseful novel had me completely captivated from the beginning. Set in the late 1800’s, it has all the flair of the Gilded Age with a completely shocking and corrupt family story. I grabbed a copy via NetGalley hoping I could get into a book with a bit of mystery, but I had no idea I picked up a book that would leave me guessing and reeling. Who really did kill cousin Bay?

The author did such a fantastic job making you question every single character. I can’t imagine the time it took thinking out every single plot detail, working backwards and making sure the story lined up without giving away too much too soon. I honestly didn’t completely see the ending coming, and I usually pride myself in figuring these things out!

The characters were so multi-dimensional, and even if you hated one you found something in them to admire. Janie, the main character, was looked over for much of her life, preferring to have her nose in a book. She reminded me of myself… never wanting attention and hearing more than people think.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a historical fiction mystery


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