Book Review: Reign of The Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh


Necromancers are highly regarded in Karthia, a place where change is disregarded and the dead walk among the living. They are the only ones that can safely travel to the Deadlands, where spirits reside until the move on to who knows where. Odessa is affectionately called “Sparrow” since she is the best at finding her way home from the Deadlands. However, an interesting part of this story is that once a spirit comes back from the Deadlands they must always shield their face/body from the living or risk turning into a Shade – crazy, dead monsters that can kill a human in minutes. After an increase in Shade attacks, Odessa and her friends must figure out what is going on before it’s too late.

Besides the fact that this was a huge cover buy for me (I mean really, that cover), it caught me off guard with what it was actually about. The synopsis didn’t give anything away, but I feel this book was immensely about grief and how we deal with it. Odessa loses someone she loves and can’t come to terms with her sadness, so she ends up becoming addicted to potions that take her pain away. Necromancers bring back the dead (and usually more than once) which is something we all wish we could do with our loved ones. Unfortunately for these people, it has consequences.

It brings up the question: If we were given the chance to bring someone back to life, would we? Would our loved one WANT to come back? Is it worth the consequences?

I notice the reviews for this are all over the place and I agree with most of them. It was hard to keep reading at the beginning because you really don’t find out much of anything about the main characters. Odessa was an orphan along with Evander, and that’s basically all you find out about their past. I definitely prefer to know more about my main characters.

Reign of The Fallen was definitely more than just this synopsis. Odessa had a couple different love interests, a brief addiction and several attempts at learning to cope with grief. Although this wasn’t my all time favorite book, I’m still giving it 3.5 stars because the idea of it was good, but it fell short in terms of character development.

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