Learning to Budget & What that Means for Book Blogging

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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately, due to wedding stress and an overall crazy life. My reading has slowed down, in part due to not enjoying the last few YA books I purchased and also because I’ve been attempting to watch my budget.

Yep, you heard me right. Budgeting.

I grew up having to get a job at 16, paying for my car and gas and anything other than necessities on my own. That meant when I went off to college, I was studying and working part time to pay my bills. After college didn’t work out, I was saddled with huge student loans on a less than $30k budget. I managed somehow, but “budgeting” was not something I did.

Flash forward almost 7 years later and (thankfully) a better salary, I realized that I spend a lot of money on things I don’t need. Example, the past two months I spent $500-$700 between eating out, BOOKS, clothes, wedding things, etc. I’m actually too terrified to go back further than that.

Getting back to books, I did just finish one that may have changed my life for the better. That was Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”. Before this month I thought Dave Ramsey was just some crazy old guy trying to sell me something. My fiancé started listening to his podcast lately and giving me tidbits of information that actually had me curious. Would it be possible for us to pay off thousands of dollars in student loan debt in less than three years?

Yes, it’s possible. But we would need to get serious about it. We would have to budget every single thing and live well below our means.

My first thought, what about books?

I spend more money on books than clothes, that’s for sure. I would say I spend anywhere between $30-$60 a month on books. I try to find the cheapest option, whether that’s using coupons at Barnes and Noble or buying on Amazon, but I’m still spending $12-$20 per book. They aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. I always left the store feeling guilty about spending on myself.

I notice some book bloggers or booktubers seem to buy at least 4 books a month, which doesn’t include anything sent by publishers. I know this isn’t every case. As much as I want to become a better known book blogger, I don’t think purchasing 4 books a month will be in the budget any time soon.

UNLESS, I get frugal about it. I live near Goodwill and other thrift stores, so I may need to start frequenting those places to keep up. Unfortunately, I likely won’t find new books. I have also been listening to audio books, but it just isn’t the same. Utilizing Netgalley will also be huge for me.

Luckily, my local library is decent and seems to get new books frequently.

My question for my fellow book bloggers is, do you budget for books and if so, how much? Do you ever feel guilty buying them? Do you feel like you don’t do as well at blogging because you can’t buy ten books at a time?

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7 thoughts on “Learning to Budget & What that Means for Book Blogging

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  1. I feel this so much! I feel like this can apply to any type of blogger. When you’re trying to create a name for yourself you feel the pressure of having to buy a lot of things to keep up to date. I love buying books but I do feel guilty when I’m spending a lot of money. I also sometimes feel like I am not making all the content I want to create because I don’t have the money to constantly be buying new things. Honestly, I love your tips on going to goodwill or the library. You have to start somewhere and that shouldn’t mean forking up hundreds of dollars a month. 🙂

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    1. You’re right, it could apply to anyone! Blogging can definitely put the pressure on someone who wants to be “up to date” on the newest products and books. I guess working with what we have and figuring that not everyone can buy allllll the newest books may resonate with more people than we think ☺️. I may start a blog series about having a budget and buying books creatively!

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  2. I don’t budget and consequently I always feel guilty when I buy a book. I buy a lot of them second hand, which does mean I’m a bit behind on the times but personally I don’t mind.

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