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You Love Books, So You Must Want To Be An Author, Right? – Part One

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Books were my home as a kid. I wish I had half the time and energy to read as I did back then. I would take a stack of books out from the library weekly and finish them all, no questions asked. Summers were spent in my room or outside, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. Now I’m lucky if I can read three a month. Adulting is the worst.

I recently had a realization that truly had me feeling down. I only know one adult in my life that reads regularly. I’m not kidding. ONE. This freaked me out a bit. I only have one person I can talk to about books, besides people in the book blog community. This actually makes me sad.

To get to the point of this post, I’ve had many, many people ask me if I planned on writing a book someday. I’m not sure if it’s because people who don’t read as often as me can’t grasp the fact that writing is a huge, daunting, endless, exhausting process? I mean, when I think of how many hours authors spend writing/editing, I think of how I can barely concentrate on something for 45 minutes and realize I would probably struggle HARD.

You read a lot. Like a lot more than anyone I know. Do you want to write a book or something?”

I always automatically say no — I don’t have the time for it and could never handle the criticism. However, a small part of me loves the author community and how people have gone from struggling to the New York Time’s Best Sellers list. I think it’s incredible. Authors are truly special people. The criticism though… I CRINGE often on Goodreads. I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to criticism, to the point that I’d rather not hear it.

It really had me thinking. DO I want to write a book? It would be awesome, but would of course take a ton of work. I love reading and getting involved in stories. I am sometimes so amazed by story lines that I cannot possibly imagine the time and energy that goes into creating them.

The hardest part for me would simply be starting. I’ve thought many times in my head “just pick up a pen Michelle, or just start typing!” but getting my thoughts out to write an actual BOOK? Yeah, right!

Part two of this will probably have to do with growing up a reader and being shamed/made fun of for being a book lover. It was a huge problem for me as a kid because I was constantly reading. I’d love to discuss it with fellow book lovers.

So, do people ask you if you want to become an author? Do you plan on writing but struggle to pick up a pen as I do? Are you currently writing your dream novel? Let’s discuss!

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Review: A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas


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Well, it’s been over a week since I’ve finished ACOFAS and I still don’t really know how I feel about it. I got into the first book, ACOTAR, reluctantly since I’ve never been into fantasy. Surprisingly, I loved everything about it. It actually sparked a new love for fantasy that I thought would NEVER happen. I especially loved Feysand in ACOMAF and ACOWAR. However, I think I’m just over it. Their relationship is starting to gross me out. LOL

After reading it and being like WTF where is the plot, I started reading reviews and understanding it a bit more. Believe me, there really is no plot, but I guess the point of it was to show you where the characters are right now after the war. I definitely get that they are all suffering in their own ways. It’s completely understandable. I just wish this was less about Feyre and more about everyone else. I still don’t get what’s up with Nesta and Elain. I really, REALLY hope the next book shows some growth in their characters.

I feel like this isn’t my favorite review for a book, but I honestly don’t even know what to say. I’m not used to novellas to be honest. I’m hopeful the next book will give us some answers.

Did you like this book, or were you just as confused as me?

Book Review

Book Review – Circe by Madeline Miller


Once in awhile, a book comes along that I know I must have immediately. I’ve known about Circe by Madeline Miller for quite awhile. I even had the release date written in my work planner, that’s how excited I was for it! I could not wait to completely immerse myself in the world of the Titans/Olympians, especially with a book about a goddess witch! When the release date arrived, I realized I didn’t have the budget for it (see my post about book budgeting here).

When I finally picked Circe up, I was completely enamored with it. Not only is this book about learning to overcome your faults, it’s about being a strong woman, facing your fears, and the journey of motherhood.

The book starts out when Circe is young. She is definitely not the favorite of her mother OR father, and is often picked on by her siblings for being different. Her siblings all end up being extremely cruel, while Circe does have her moments, she is not even as close to as evil as her family.

The book revolved completely around Circe and her journey through immortality. She often faces the fact that many around her are mortal and won’t live forever. I loved the men she fell in love with — they were far from perfect, and Circe tells the stories of them in ways that made me believe she never completely gave her heart to anyone except for her son.

I truly enjoyed this book until the end. I loved how she worked with herbs and magic. There were parts that were slow, but overall I really loved getting to know Circe and watching her move through life. The stories of the gods were not fabricated or turned into mushy, sweet fairy tales — they were full of deceit, death and destruction, as they have been told for many, many years.

I gave this book five stars on Goodreads and I plan on reading The Song of Achilles very soon!