Book Review – Circe by Madeline Miller


Once in awhile, a book comes along that I know I must have immediately. I’ve known about Circe by Madeline Miller for quite awhile. I even had the release date written in my work planner, that’s how excited I was for it! I could not wait to completely immerse myself in the world of the Titans/Olympians, especially with a book about a goddess witch! When the release date arrived, I realized I didn’t have the budget for it (see my post about book budgeting here).

When I finally picked Circe up, I was completely enamored with it. Not only is this book about learning to overcome your faults, it’s about being a strong woman, facing your fears, and the journey of motherhood.

The book starts out when Circe is young. She is definitely not the favorite of her mother OR father, and is often picked on by her siblings for being different. Her siblings all end up being extremely cruel, while Circe does have her moments, she is not even as close to as evil as her family.

The book revolved completely around Circe and her journey through immortality. She often faces the fact that many around her are mortal and won’t live forever. I loved the men she fell in love with — they were far from perfect, and Circe tells the stories of them in ways that made me believe she never completely gave her heart to anyone except for her son.

I truly enjoyed this book until the end. I loved how she worked with herbs and magic. There were parts that were slow, but overall I really loved getting to know Circe and watching her move through life. The stories of the gods were not fabricated or turned into mushy, sweet fairy tales — they were full of deceit, death and destruction, as they have been told for many, many years.

I gave this book five stars on Goodreads and I plan on reading The Song of Achilles very soon!


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    1. It’s fabulous if you like mythology based stories. The world is crazy beautiful and Circe is such a cool character.


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