You Love Books, So You Must Want To Be An Author, Right? – Part One

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Books were my home as a kid. I wish I had half the time and energy to read as I did back then. I would take a stack of books out from the library weekly and finish them all, no questions asked. Summers were spent in my room or outside, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. Now I’m lucky if I can read three a month. Adulting is the worst.

I recently had a realization that truly had me feeling down. I only know one adult in my life that reads regularly. I’m not kidding. ONE. This freaked me out a bit. I only have one person I can talk to about books, besides people in the book blog community. This actually makes me sad.

To get to the point of this post, I’ve had many, many people ask me if I planned on writing a book someday. I’m not sure if it’s because people who don’t read as often as me can’t grasp the fact that writing is a huge, daunting, endless, exhausting process? I mean, when I think of how many hours authors spend writing/editing, I think of how I can barely concentrate on something for 45 minutes and realize I would probably struggle HARD.

You read a lot. Like a lot more than anyone I know. Do you want to write a book or something?”

I always automatically say no — I don’t have the time for it and could never handle the criticism. However, a small part of me loves the author community and how people have gone from struggling to the New York Time’s Best Sellers list. I think it’s incredible. Authors are truly special people. The criticism though… I CRINGE often on Goodreads. I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to criticism, to the point that I’d rather not hear it.

It really had me thinking. DO I want to write a book? It would be awesome, but would of course take a ton of work. I love reading and getting involved in stories. I am sometimes so amazed by story lines that I cannot possibly imagine the time and energy that goes into creating them.

The hardest part for me would simply be starting. I’ve thought many times in my head “just pick up a pen Michelle, or just start typing!” but getting my thoughts out to write an actual BOOK? Yeah, right!

Part two of this will probably have to do with growing up a reader and being shamed/made fun of for being a book lover. It was a huge problem for me as a kid because I was constantly reading. I’d love to discuss it with fellow book lovers.

So, do people ask you if you want to become an author? Do you plan on writing but struggle to pick up a pen as I do? Are you currently writing your dream novel? Let’s discuss!

4 thoughts on “You Love Books, So You Must Want To Be An Author, Right? – Part One

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  1. Apart from the “What’s your favorite book?” this is probably the question I loathe most. I don’t want to be a writer. I love books, I love reading, but there’s still a difference with actually writing a book. Some people even go as far as simply assume I want to be a writer and ask questions like “So, I know you want to become a writer someday, but..” and I instantly feel like throwing something at their faces. :’)
    I like writing reviews and blog posts, but I simply feel like my brain isn’t creative enough to come up with unique plots or worlds in any way. Let alone persevere and write a WHOLE BOOK. And that’s not even mentioning how many times you have to rewrite and edit and reread the thing. Nope. Not for me.

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    1. I read and I write, but the things I love to read most (biographies/autobiographies/dystopian fiction) aren’t what I love to write (which is children’s literature).

      I think it’s beautiful that there are people out there that love to read but aren’t authors themselves. I think it says something about those people being listeners and not talkers – and the world needs more listeners.

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    2. I totally agree, I cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to come up with a plot that really works. And the edits, I just can’t even imagine.

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