Books I’m Taking on My Honeymoon (and what I wish I was taking)


Everyone kept telling me our wedding day would be a blur and man, they were right. I feel like it was gone in the blink of an eye. The weather was perfect (sunny and 75) and the night went absolutely perfect (besides running out of beer, but we fixed that problem!) and we could not be happier. Now, onto our honeymoon!

coconut tree during the horizon

We decided back in February that we wanted to go someplace sunny and warm and we ended up picking Riviera Maya in Mexico. We leave next weekend, but you can bet I’ve already been planning my TBR for the plane ride and the beach.

You may be thinking I wanted some “beachy, romancey and cute” summer reads but I’m just not into that lately (or ever?). So here’s a couple books I picked up from Barnes and Noble (WHICH, BY THE WAY, I had no idea you could buy online and pick up in store and still get the online price? What a steal. Has this been a thing for awhile?).


Furyborn actually hasn’t been on my wish list for that long. When I first read the synopsis, I wasn’t sold. It seemed like every other Three Dark Crowns -esque book that happens to be a huge trope right now. But after reading a few reviews on here, I decided to give it a shot. I also think the author seems super cool (at least on Twitter). I shouldn’t pretend that I don’t like a good queen trope… I just like when it’s done well. Fingers crossed I like this one.

the wicked deep

Another YA book I’ve been lusting over is The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. I do love a good witchy read, so I’m PRAYING this one will knock me off my feet (and into the sand, please). I’m getting some serious Salem vibes from this one, so pleaseeee don’t let me down! I’ve been to Salem many times and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. I’m not sure if this is based in Salem or a place like Salem, but I hope it does the town justice.

Now, books I WISH I had but unfortunately don’t have.

I never got on the Caraval train, but lately I see everyone reading Legendary and I’m feeling serious FOMO. Is it worth the hype? I’ve heard such mixed reviews and usually that’s a bad sign for me.

To Kill A Kingdom is a Little Mermaid retelling so OBVIOUSLY I wanted to bring it to Mexico. I wanted to grab it but unfortunately my local B&N didn’t have it. Was that a sign? Maybe. Because this one also has some serious mixed reviews.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve read any of these and let me know how you feel about them! I’m so, so excited for our trip and hope these reads don’t disappoint.

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