Book Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers

SADIE by Courtney Summers is a book that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath and praying that this fictional girl, Sadie, makes it out alive.
“But imagine having to live every day knowing the person who killed your sister is breathing the air she can’t, filling his lungs with it, tasting its sweetness. Imagine him knowing the steady weight of the earth under his feet while her body is buried six feet below it”.
Sadie Hunter raised her sister Mattie from a young age due to her mother’s addictions. Raising a sibling causes children to really grow up, and that happens extremely fast. Although their mother Claire ends up leaving, Mattie believes the sun rises and sets with her, and dreams of going to L.A. to reunite with her. When Mattie is murdered and the trail leads no where, Sadie sets off on a rampage to find the killer, and will do whatever it takes to destroy him. However, now Sadie is missing, and it’s another trail leading to no where.
This book is told half by a podcast host, West McCray (and has many guests such as Mae, the woman who watched over the girls) and other people who knew t them at some point along the way. West is utterly obsessed with finding Mattie’s killer, and desperately wants to find out what happened to Sadie. The podcast part is not overwhelming or overdone, and it works really well to add some dimension into the story. The other half of the story is spoken by Sadie, who struggles with overcoming grief, trying to get revenge, pushing through social interaction with a speech impediment and clawing her way through life.
This story gave me high anxiety. It’s definitely dark, and I found it very raw. It’s heartbreaking, jaw dropping and thrilling. It wasn’t graphic — there was definitely some points that are censored, but I will say it has TW for pedophilia and abuse.
Bottom line, without giving too much away, this story is about the strength of sister’s bond and what we’re willing to do when someone has hurt a member of our family. It’s about growing up without your mother and having the strength to go on. Being strong enough to raise a sibling.
What I loved: the struggles Sadie went through and being able to overcome, well, basically anything. Her stubbornness and drive. The writing in this was excellent and the plot moved along nicely.
What I didn’t love: the fact that it gave me anxiety (not in a good way), but thankfully it was a quick read. I’m actually struggling to come up with anything else I didn’t like.

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