Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas (in which I squeal a lot)

“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom… very much”.


I’m gonna be honest here. I wasn’t that into the first Throne of Glass book. It was an okay read. As far as SJM goes, I liked the ACOTAR series way more.

Fast forward to Crown of Midnight. It was better than the first, but still not better than ACOTAR.

Fast forward againnnnnn to Heir of Fire. Okay, now were talking.

Calaena Sardothein is now traveling to Wendlyn on a mission for the king. She has no idea what is actually in store for her there. New characters, good and bad are introduced and we learn some more backstory about where magic went. I’m not going to go into a plot summary because this has been reviewed a million times, but man, this one had me turning pages late into the night.

You jump from different POV’s, which you will either like or not like.

I’m starting to really get addicted to this world. I still despise the King of Adarlan and can’t wait for something bad to happen to him.

The Romance:

Chaol: Okay, so Chaol is on the back burner for now. He clearly still misses Calaena but has pretty much accepted the fact that she will never be his again. Great. Fabulous. Didn’t really care for him. Kind of a Tamlin thing going on. I can definitely see what people hesitate to pick up Tower of Dawn. His story is getting meh.

Rowan: DEAR GOD CAN YOU GUYS JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY. But, I can completely understand the slow build up SJM is bound to be making. Aelin has a her work cut out for her with this guy.

Aedion: Okay, this is a little weird. He seems infatuated with the fact that Aelin is back, and creepily makes comments about her being his queen. But she only mentions him a few times…. so this should be interesting.

Dorian: poor, poor Dorian. That’s all I have to say.

My Two Queens:

Calaena/Aelin: oh my, girl, you are growing on me. I thought she was a bit annoying and full of herself in the first two books, but now that were learning the back story, I’m completely in for the ride. This girl was completely broken and destroyed as a child. Beyond belief. And she seems to be really coming into herself. I’m hoping she KILLLLSSS it in QoS.

Manon: Manon is my life. I am beyond obsessed with her. From her beauty down to her creepy teeth and claws. And her love for her Wyvern, Abraxos. I get a big Dracareys and Khaleesi vibe from them, which if you know me you know she’s one of my other favorite queens. I may actual kneel and beg SJM for a book based on Manon, even a novella. I JUST NEED MORE.


Without completely ruining the synopsis of the book, I can tell you I’m all in. I cannot wait for the next books, including Kingdom of Ash coming out soon!

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