Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

book review



Holy moly times ten.
I KNEW I would love Queen of Shadows, mostly because I knew something intense and crazy was going to happen to Aelin and her crew. What I wasn’t prepared for was how many times I would hold my breath and pray none of my favorite characters would be harmed.
The book starts with Aelin and crew plotting Aedion’s rescue and to be honest, I didn’t think he would make it out alive. I was also secretly praying for poor Dorian — that guy can never catch a break, right? Not my favorite character but I still hoped he would live.
After all of that is said and done, they work to eliminate everyone’s least favorite character, Arobynn (like is there honestly a character I despise more than him? Prob not.) and Aelin makes friends with an old enemy. Do we call her a frenemy now? I think I’m going to.
In between all the fighting and murder, Rowan and Aelin are still obsessed with each other, but for 75% of the book, all we get is occasional touching and lots of passionate eye contact. Seriously SJM, you made us wait this long, I swear EoS better rock my world.

The fight scenes this book were fantastic. There are few writers that can create suspense like Sarah J. Maas. *SMALL SPOILER* the fight between Manon and Aelin was soooo good.

The Throne of Glass series has been reviewed a million and one times, so there isn’t much I can talk about that would be different. However, I am loving Manon’s story. I thought Aelin had a great story line, but Manon might take the cake. She went from a hardcore, badass, unforgiving witch to a witch who is still badass, but deep down knows what is going on isn’t right. I love her Thirteen as well. I’m going to say it again…. MANON SPIN OFF PLEASE.

And Aedion… probably one of the first characters I went from hating to loving in such a short time span. He was such a douche at first, but his love and loyalty to Aelin is inspiring. SJM does this thing where she makes you hate someone and love them within like 300 pages. It’s so impressive!

Anyways, I just can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this series. I’m taking a one book break because I couldn’t handle another 600 page read right now, but I honestly can’t get this series out of my head. If you’re questioning whether to read this series (or continue) DO IT.

PS: i need allll the bookish merch for this series. Seriously.

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