August Wrap Up — What I Read and My New Love for True Crime Podcasts

monthly wrap up

Hello from someone who is more than ready for fall.

I’m 100% a fall person (omg future me in January is going to hate myself for wishing away summer) because when you live in New England, the winters are unbearable and so are the summers. I live for fall where I can wear sweaters, jeans and drink hot coffee again. I shouldn’t be complaining, but here I am.

August was a crazy month for social gatherings, so I finished just four books. However, two of those books were Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows, and I think they are over 500 pages each. So now I don’t feel so bad!

Here’s the finished line up:



Out of all three, I think HoF was my favorite. SOOOO much happened in that book and I still can’t believe I need to read Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn before I get to pick up Kingdom of Ash. But….. sign. me. up.

Heir of Fire review can be found here!
Queen of Shadows review can be found here!
Hear of Thorns review can be found here!
ADSOM review can be found here!

I also received two book crates this month. The first being Bookish Boxes “Lady Monarchs” crate which included a GORGEOUS Jasmine inspired pillow and a Cersei woodmark that I’m beyond obsessed with. The book for the month was Heart of Thorns, which wasn’t my favorite book, but wasn’t the worst either. My second box was Lit Joy’s Catwoman crate, which included a signed copy of Catwoman. I’m beyond thrilled to have been able to get that since I don’t see SJM coming anywhere near Boston/New Hampshire anytime soon.I’m sure due to her new wee babe! It came with an awesome Harley Quinn bath bomb and a Poison Ivy candle! Unfortunately these will be my last two sub boxes for awhile.

Meanwhile, in Podcast land…

Does anyone else listen to the My Favorite Murder podcast? I discovered it this month and holy gods, I am OBSESSED. I’ve always been slightly interested in true crime, but now I’m fully invested. Not to mention Georgia and Karen are HILARIOUS. When you have an office job, podcasts are essential. I find myself cackling at these two all day long. If you’re even remotely interested in true crime, I HIGHLY suggest it.

Stay tuned for my September TBR! And if you’re not already following me on Instagram and Twitter, let’s be friends!


5 thoughts on “August Wrap Up — What I Read and My New Love for True Crime Podcasts

  1. Can’t wait to read your reviews of these books – the Sarah J. Maas and VE Schwab books are on my TBR. I haven’t heard of Heart of Thorns but I’ll definitely give your review a read. I shouldn’t be looking for new books when my TBR is so high but here I am 😂

    I’ll definitely be checking out the podcast – I’m about to begin five years of study in social sciences, including criminology, so that is right up my street. I’ve been looking for something crime related to sink my teeth into so that sounds perfect!

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