Book Blog Hooray! An Update On My Best Week Ever!

Hi everyone!
Last week was one of the best weeks I’ve had in the book community. A photo I took of a bookish candle on Instagram was re-posted by Flick The Wick (love their candles!), my blog post about Book Blogging and Being Enough was favorited by Kristin at Kristin Kraves books AND I won a Hermione book tote and two gorgeous postcards from a LitJoy Crate giveaway! As you can see, I’m completely on cloud nine.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately (cue the Being Enough blog post) is trying to stay on par with other book bloggers. It’s always tough when you start out, and this applies to everything, not just blogging. I’ve only been blogging consistently since June. In that time I’ve had 130+ subscribers follow me, and although that number may sound meager to some, I CAN’T BELIEVE 130 PEOPLE CARE ABOUT WHAT I POST! It’s crazy. I can’t even imagine having 500.

Bookstagram has been hard for me. I haven’t seen a big influx of followers, regardless of when/how much I post. I don’t know if it’s the algorithm, or that my photos aren’t great. I have a great camera and try to post what I like and what other people may like. The thought had recently crossed my mind about closing my account, or just not keeping up with it. Too much social media can be overwhelming anyway.

So when FTW re-posted my photo, I was floored. It came at exactly the right time for me. Suddenly I felt like my photo effort was a bit more acknowledged!

I know that getting your photos re-posted doesn’t correlate with your worth. I know plenty of fantastic bloggers who don’t get re-posted on a normal basis and they probably don’t care.

But it made me feel GOOD. And feeling good is what keeps us going.
The same week, my blog post was featured on Kristin Kraves Books’ blog. Um, talk about a goal of mine! Kristin’s blog is full of book related content that you won’t find anywhere else. Her book discussions are incredibly well researched and thought out. I don’t think you could find anyone more dedicated to discussing the book world!
And I realized… I did this all with only 130 followers. My follower count simply didn’t matter. 

So I ended the week on the absolute BEST note. Until I found out I won the grand prize from LitJoy and then it was the BEST WEEK EVER! Can every week just end this way?

I also hit my best ever day of views at 72. Amazing!
I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of this community. I finally feel like I fit in here, with book lovers all over the world.
That’s all for my mini post about how happy I am with my blog.

What are you proud of achieving this week? This month? Let me know in the comments!

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