Book Review: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (in which I moan and groan until the end)


Okay, but no really, I swear this is one of my favorite series.

Except this wasn’t my favorite book in the series at all. I struggled hard to get through the first 200+ pages. It started off so slow — basically just Aedion, Lysandra, Aelin, Aedion and Rowan talking about… war tactics? And overall nothing that held my attention? I struggled, but made it through.

But then the next 300 or so pages were still not my favorite. There was just so much extra fluff that I was just mindlessly reading through. This book could have easily been 300 pages less. And maybe I’m just salty from reading every book in the series in such a short time span (and it’s not like they are small books) but I was just ready to get the good stuff.

Which I finally did… in the end. I’m not going to mention the infamous beach scene (I’ve read some funny reviews of that and honestly I couldn’t write it better) but I will say the last 100 pages had me at the edge of my seat. I could not believe how this book ended. What an epic way to keep the loyal readers wanting more. Sarah J. Maas has such a wicked way of wrapping up her books and devastating you in the end.

I’m not going to give a synopsis of this because its been reviewed a million times. But I will mention my favorite things:

  1. Aedion and Lysandra. YES PLEASE.
  2. Lochan and Elide. YES PLEASE.
  3. Manon and Dorian. YAAAASS
  4. Also, Manon is still my favorite character.

I think the best part about this book was how the characters are changing. Manon is finally showing that she has a heart, Lysandra is proving that she is the most loyal friend on the planet, Aedion finds out who his father is, Rowan realizes Aelin is his mate, and Aelin… well, I’m not going to give too much away.

I do have to add in that SJM absolutely takes the cake for YA fight scenes. The scenes in Heir of Fire and EoS had me holding my breath. She also LOVES to switch perspectives just when you start anticipating, but she does it so, so well.

Another thing I realized after finishing this up was how freaking SNEAKY Aelin is. Just when you think she’s screwed, she unveils these huge elaborate, GENIUS plans that have you wondering if you missed two hundred pages. But you didn’t, SJM just wanted you to be shocked. Which I was. Many times.

It’s officially ten days until Kingdom of Ash and I. Cannot. Wait.

What was your favorite book in the series?

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (in which I moan and groan until the end)

Add yours

  1. I agree with you! So much lagged. It took me one month just to get through Part 1 but personally by Part 2 everything was worth it!!! While I like Elide, I felt like so much of her POV was roaming the woods and having Lorcan follow her. But then the grand master plan happened and the END had me shook. I can’t decide which of the books are my favorite because they each symbolize something different to me.

    Are you planning to read Tower of Dawn?


    1. Yesss I totally agree that Elide’s scenes were basically her wandering around 😂 I honestly didn’t care about her at first at all, but she grew on me. And i agree about every book being completely different. If I had to pick,
      I’d say Heir of Fire was my favorite. QoS a quick second.

      I wanted to start Tower of Dawn, but after the sample at the end of EoS I didn’t feel all that interested in it. I’ve heard some people say don’t bother but others say it’s a must read. I plan on taking a break and reading a much shorter book before KoA comes out.


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