Book Review: Verity by Colleen Hoover


Looking for trust issues in a book? You’ve come to the right place. 

HEY BOOK FRIENDS! Sorry for the short hiatus. I needed a little time to recover from Kingdom of Ash and just reading in general. But I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I was in desperate need of a distraction, and I devoured this in less than 24 hours.

Verity is the newest release by Colleen Hoover, in a genre that she has never touched before. I’ll admit I’m not her biggest fan, but I can appreciate her emotionally powerful writing.

When Lowen Ashleigh unexpectedly gets an offer to finish the series of a well known author, she can’t believe her luck. Jeremy Crawford explains that although his wife cannot help, she has all her notes and outlines in her office. Lowen agrees and heads out to Vermont, and ends up finding much, much more than she ever thought. Including a manuscript of a novel no one was meant to see. A book that describes, in detail, the intimate details of the Crawford’s relationship and what actually happened to their daughters.

The plot of this book was absolutely PERFECT. It keeps you enthralled from the beginning, and has you guessing left and right. I can honestly say I really didn’t see the ending coming. Maybe parts of it, but not all. It (as in the book itself, not just the ending) pushed the boundaries of what I even like reading in a novel these days (super dark) but once in awhile you just need to feel something other than your normal day to day thoughts.

The descriptions of the house and Verity were chilling. I found myself freaked out and frantically saying “WHAT IS GOING ON?”, but not in a lost way. More of a OMG I NEED MORE way.

The ending? Completely blindsided by it. This really isn’t like any thriller you’ve read lately, guaranteed.

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