My 2018 Reading Goals

I’ve been reading everyone’s bookish goals for 2018 and decided I needed to give it a go. These goals may be super optimistic (I’m getting married this year) but I’d rather have a reaching goal than a lackluster one! Comment or link your goals in the comments!
1. Read one to two classic novels a month.

Well, this is probably going to be my biggest challenge. Classic books tend to be huge (ahem, War and Peace, which will arrive this week) but there are some that aren’t that long. War and Peace, House of Mirth and some Jane Austen will definitely be read this year. All these classics will hopefully make me a better Jeopardy competitor 😉

2. Read four books a month (including classics).

This goal should be doable. I tend to get through 300ish page books rather quickly, and that’s a typical novel.

3. Use NetGalley more.

With or wedding coming up, I’ve been working on being “financially conscious” and not spending on things I don’t need. Which typically includes books and coffee. I’ve vowed to use our local library and NetGalley when I can. Unfortunately I was a bad NetGalley user last year (I didn’t review some books I received) and I will need to redeem myself somehow.

4. Read half YA and half adult.

Last year I jumped into some YA and some fantasy and I really enjoyed them. I’ve spotted some awesome new books for 2018 in both genres so I’m really excited.

5. Do monthly wrap ups.

I’m hoping to really start utilizing this blog and writing better reviews!

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Book Review of Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

three dark crowns


 I’m really glad I still picked up this book, regardless of the negative reviews it has.

Three sisters are separated at a young age and fostered by families in different places until their sixteenth birthday. There can only be one queen, which means two sisters must be killed. One is an elemental, able to control weather, one is a naturalist, able to control nature, and the third is a poisoner.. which is pretty self explanatory.

However, only one sister is showing her true gift and the other two are struggling. There’s some love interest and crazy political things going on, but I enjoyed all of them. It was all easy to understand. I can’t wait to get into the second book!

If you’re going to be critical, yes, this book could have been a lot crazier. It could have been completely brutal and over the top. And yeah, they should definitely make it into a movie. The first hundred pages were all about getting used to the three sisters and their different worlds. A lot of people seemed to have lost interest because of that. But honestly, I didn’t mind the first half and loved the second. I read most of it while taking a bath, and the water went cold because I couldn’t stop reading. What a freakin’ cliffhanger we were left with at the end.

There definitely isn’t anything stopping me from picking up the next book.